Whitehill Village Hall Proposal for S106 Application

Whitehill Village Hall:

  • Is a focal point in the town and at the centre of Whitehill residential area

  • Provides opportunities for health and well-being activities at this end of the town

  • Has been recently refurbished and is well maintained, with comfortable ISO chairs

  • Good disabled and family facilities with plenty of car parking including newly tarmac area

  • Has an increasing range of activities for all ages, helping to bring the community together

  • Would like to welcome more new members from the whole community of Whitehill & Bordon

  • Focuses especially on provision for the elderly, especially the socially isolated or vulnerable

  • Financially viable, effectively administered and well run by voluntary Trustees 

Proposals are for a range of improvements to increase safety around the hall and provide an even better experience for all when using the hall, so that bookings continue increase.

A second application is in progress to build a small extension for extra storage at the hall end (see below). This application is complete in itself but will complement the other one if it is successful.

  1. Outdoor access at the side of the building should have a bar as a fire exit door. It is also sticks in the heat, so we wish to replace the door with a metal framed fire-exit door.

  2. Improved access to the small storage areas on either side of the stage via two wider fire-proofed doors. This would make it safer and also easier for wheeled storage to be used, especially by baby and toddler group and older users setting up group activities.

  3. A row of fixed bollards in between the footpath and the car park will increase safety of access to the play area. Access can also be provided to extra car parking for larger functions with the inclusion of one matching Lift Assist Anti Ram Raid Telescopic Security Bollard.

  4. Installation of a more effective hearing loop and removal of the existing one will encourage both new and existing residents with hearing difficulties to join in activities at the hall.

  5. Fitted cupboards, shelves and wheeled racks in the new storage area (2nd S106 application) or built-in storage in the two current store rooms to facilitate a wider range of activities.

  6. Three A+ rated ‘frost free’ freezers to accommodate free surplus frozen foods offered.  This will allow the price of ‘open-access’ healthy meals provided by volunteers to be kept low for all residents who attend, both new and old.  Food premises registration requires frozen foods to be stored on the premises with records of food and temperatures available.

Safety will be improved with fire escape bar on the door to the side of the hall, fire-resistant doors beside the stage and bollards to protect pedestrians using the play area.

Opportunities will continue to be provided for new residents to interact with existing ones, to encourage the whole of Whitehill & Bordon to become one town. The improved hearing loop will improve the hall experience for all the hard of hearing, better storage will help older users as well as mothers, use of surplus foods will allow healthy, subsidised meals to continue to be provided.

Proposal for a 35m2 single storey extension for storage to be built on the right-hand side of the existing hall, accessed from the hall via two wider doors, one on either side of the stage. 

  • A new fire exit door, visible from the main road will replace the one at the back of the stage and the outside steps removed. This will improve outside security at that end of the hall.

  • It will improve facilities for both new and existing residents at the Whitehill end of the town

  • The hall is unable to accommodate potential new groups due to lack of extra storage space

  • The hall is unable to support expansion of existing groups due to shortage of storage space

  • Freezers can’t be placed in the kitchen, so unable to accept free surplus frozen foods offered

Who will benefit?

  • Storage will be available for new groups supporting a wider range of activities and ages

  • Existing users will be able to increase their numbers to accommodate newcomers eg Baby and Toddlers Club, Club storage can be better consolidated, more U3A groups possible

  • Use of free surplus frozen foods will allow the costs of meals provided by voluntary groups to be kept low for all residents. Food premises registration requires frozen foods used in the hall to be stored on the premises with records available.

  • Space will be released in the main hall, so people can be more comfortably accommodated, with a more attractive environment eg plastic chairs put away, removal of metal cupboards

  • Easier access to better planned storage and the ability to move equipment more safely and easily will especially benefit the increasing number of elderly hall users, especially tables

  • More opportunities can be provided for casual social interaction of all ages and cultures alongside organised activities in the hall - footfall is over 1000 per month + events at present

  • Opportunities will continue to be provided for new residents to interact with existing ones, to encourage the whole of Whitehill & Bordon to become one town eg U3A, WI, Toddler’s group, Soup Café, RVS over 60’s Lunch Club, Wed at Whitehill are well established friendly groups.

  • Greater income will provide increased long-term financial stability for the hall.

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