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Recent Refurbishments

Whitehill Village Hall is held in trust for use by the whole community for meetings, lectures, sports activities and other forms of recreation.  Its purpose is to improve the quality of life for all individuals and create a vibrant, inclusive local community centre.  It is managed by a team of Voluntary Trustees, who also deal with all the administration, application for grants with feedback, general supervision of maintenance and new works.  Groups using the hall to provide a service to the community, receive a favourable rental rate.


During the past decade the original structure of the hall has been improved by changing the storage heaters to radiators with a replacement gas central heating boiler in 2013, double gazed windows, Upvc entrance doors, cavity wall and loft insulation and floor refurbishment in the main hall.


Following the AGM in 2014, the new Committee decided the fabric of the building needed major refurbishment.  This would provide a better experience for current users as well as increasing the lettings income.  Supervision has been undertaken on a voluntary basis by Hall Trustees.  Throughout the refurbishment process technical advice was provided by local tradespeople and aesthetic and practical advice was obtained from regular hall users.


This website has been designed to help with marketing, inform local people of the improved facilities and developments.  It has been funded by EHDC Community Project Fund, with photos provided by John Kilburn (U3A) and Val Bywater (WI & Trustee).

Extension with fitted cupboards for storage - £101,600 – Dec 2019

Extension is accessed from the main hall, with a new fire exit door, visible from the main road and replacing the one on the stage with outside steps.  More Storage, and a freezer and fridge are now available for regular hall users, with space released in the main hall.

Funded by EHDC S106 and Hampshire County Council



Refurbishment of Ladies and Gents Toilets - £6,840 - Aug 2018

Double glazed windows, LED lighting with extractor fans, timed emersion heater, hand drier, ladies wash basins, utility sink, flooring, redecoration

Funded by EHDC Councillors, Whitehill Town Council and Village Hall funds



Landscaped area with large barrier rocks - £14,262 - July 2018 resurfaced with reinforcement mesh to be used as extra parking when required for large gatherings

Funded by the Lottery, Whitehill Town Council and Village Hall funds

Restricted Cylinder locks  - £566 - May 2018

Restricted Cylinder locks were fitted, to both back and front entrance doors for added security.

Funded by EHDC Councillor

Tarmac and redesign of Main Car Park - £21,798 -Dec 2017

Funded by the Lottery, Hampshire County Council, Bernard Sunley Charity and Village Hall funds



Overflow Car Park - £12,816 - Sept 2017


Overflow Car Park re-surfaced with reinforcement mesh and LED ‘post’ lamps fitted.

Funded by the Lottery, Hampshire County Council, EHDC Councillors

New Disabled and Family Toilet  - £11,000  - Sept 2017

Facilities for baby changing, children’s toilet and larger disabled toilet were provided, just inside the main entrance.

Funded by EHDC and HCC Councillors and EHDC Policy CP18 Contribution (Moorlands Residential Development) and Village Hall funds



Comfortable ISO Chairs in Vinyl Fabric, some with arms,  in Main Hall, Activity and Café rooms  - £2,197 – Jan & Aug 2017

Funded by HCC Councillor, ‘One Stop’ and EHDC Healthy Town grant

Resurfacing of Hall floor with purchase of Scrubber Drier and entrance hall matting, to protect the surface of the new floor. - £4,621 - April 2017.


Funded by EHDC and HCC Councillors, and Village Hall funds



Main Hall  - £9,065 - July/ Sept 2015

The Hall was adopted by the local company CLARCOR for their annual ‘Global Day’.  They provided materials and 18 Volunteers to prepare and re-paint the main Hall and undertook many other maintenance tasks.  A CLARCOR Volunteer also made lined fire-resistant curtain with material provided by Hall Fund raising.  Double white PVCu doors with window replaced the solid dark wood fire exits. 


Funded by Hampshire County Council, CLARCOR of Alton, EHDC Community Project Fund, EHDC Councillor Grant, Voluntary Trustee administration and supervision


A new secure Sound System was also installed.

Sound System funded by EHDC Councillor Grant

Activity Room  - £6,480 - Aug 2015

It was decided to make this room adaptable so it could be used for a range of purposes eg meetings, bridge, small exercise classes. The old carpet was replaced by the wood-effect Moduleo Transform Vinyl.


Also LED lighting, wood window sills, WI sewed fire-proof lined curtains, folding tables (to be kept in the room in a rack) and comfortable stacking chairs completed the room.


A white PVCu door with window fire-exit replaced the solid dark wood one and a new ramp access with rail were installed.


Funded by Awards for All, HIWCF - Boltini Fund, HIWCF - Small Equipment Fund, Village Hall Income, Voluntary Trustee administration/supervision




                                         and after.

Back Entrance Hall  - £1,900 - Aug 2015

LED lighting was installed and old quarry tiles and skirting were replaced by Moduleo Transform Vinyl wood-effect durable flooring.  Quarry tile skirting was replaced prior to redecoration and fire-resistant curtains made by WI members.

Funded by Awards for All, Village Hall Income, Volunteer labour from CLARCOR and Tesco store, Voluntary Trustee administration and supervision.


Two Small Toilets  - £4,355 - Sept 2015

Refurbishment took place to 2 toilets near to the multi-purpose room.  Close-coupled toilets replaced overhead systems, with controlled water flow to wash basins.  Non-slip vinyl flooring covered old quarry tiles.  Automatic LED lights, efficient electric wall heaters, hot-air hand driers, grab rails were installed. Both toilets are now unisex.

Funded by Awards for All and Village Hall Income, Voluntary Trustee administration/supervision

Cafe  Room  - £5,000 - Sept 2015

It was decided to make this into a versatile Café-style room. The tables stack so it can have other uses, but is usually set-up ready for the weekly Soup Café & Coffee Drop-in and Bridge Club.

One damaged wall was re-plastered, energy efficient LED lighting was installed and old vinyl tiles were replaced by Moduleo Transform Vinyl wood-effect durable flooring. The local Tesco Community Development Officer organised the redecoration.

Funded by EHDC Councillors, Hampshire & Isle of Wight Community Foundation (HIWCF) - Small Equipment Fund, Financial contribution/Volunteers from local Tesco store. Voluntary Trustee administration/supervision

Grounds Maintenance - Oct-Dec 2015  Volunteer labour. A Community Payback Team of 8 people and Supervisor worked in the grounds surrounding the hall, also painting the toilets and front entrance hall on one day each week for 6 weeks.

Hampshire Probation Service provided labour and EHDC Councillor funding covered costs. Materials were provided by village hall income.


Front Entrance - £1000 - Nov 2015

Digital electric radiator, LED lighting, redecoration by the Payback team

Funded by Village Hall funds / Whitehill Town Council

Electrical Distribution Board  - £3,398 - Sept 2015

All electrical sockets are now RCD protected with installation of a new electrical distribution board.

New thermostatic radiator valves were installed throughout.


Funded by Hampshire County Council and Village Hall Income

The Kitchen  - £14,500 - January 2015 (available on a shared basis to all hall users)

RVS Lunch Club prepares lunch for 45 Senior Citizens each week and the kitchen was becoming increasingly unsafe for the elderly volunteers to work in.  Together with the Trustees they replaced old equipment and refurbished the room.  A new electrical circuit board and extra sockets were installed along with a commercial dishwasher, electric oven with gas hob, heating cabinet, wall hot water boiler, large fridge, fly-killer, cupboards and non-slip flooring - retaining original sinks, extractor hood and central counter top. Cupboard contents were also rationalised, with china provided for all to use.

Funded by East Hants District Council, EHDC Councillors, Hampshire County Council, Whitehill Town Council, The Bishop’s Fund,  Bordon Care, Radian, Bordon Wilkinsons store, Village Hall Committee Fund Raising, Trustee Supervision

The Stage  - £1,600 - September 2014

It was decided to reorganise storage and move the cleaning supplies to a smaller cupboard, releasing the small room on the left of the stage to store large toys, which were previously stored onstage.  New fire-resistant curtains with a matching backdrop were fitted.

Funded by East Hants District Council (EHDC),  Village Hall income from Lettings, Voluntary Trustee administration and supervision

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