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Our Facilities

Disabled Facilities :


Parking - immediately outside the one-story building, with designated spaces


Access by

  • ramp to front entrance hall for main hall

  • ramp directly into the Activity/Meeting room

  • ramp for access to Café room


Disabled Toilet in Front entrance hall


Hearing loop fitted in main hall, microphone available upon request


Audio/Visual Equipment

The Whitehill Village Hall provides Audio/Visual facilities for use in either the Main Hall or in the smaller Meeting Room.


Main Hall

The Main Hall has a large 3.5m x 3.5m screen which is electrically operated on the stage. The screen is illuminated by a ceiling mounted High-Definition projector, which can be connected to a laptop/tablet using either a HDMI or VGA connection. These connections are wall mounted next to the stage.

Two large speakers can be connected to the projector or directly to a laptop/tablet/smartphone for audio.

An Audio Induction Loop is available in the hall and is automatically transmitted when audio is used.


Meeting Room

The Meeting Room has a manually operated screen illuminated by a ceiling mounted High-Definition projector. This can be connected to a laptop/tablet using either a wall mounted HDMI or VGA connection.

Audio is produced by two speakers with the signal provided by the projector via the HDMI connection.


Video Conference Facilities

Whenever a Video Conference is being held (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc.), particularly when there are a number of people in the room, then it recommended that use is made of the table mounted omni-directional microphone. This will ensure that all conversation around the table, or in the room, can be picked up by the remote callers.

In addition, a separate webcam is available so that it can be positioned in a suitable position for everyone in the room to be seen without interfering with the operation of the laptop being used.

Both the microphone and webcam are connected to a laptop and need to be set up accordingly for the best experience. Assistance is available to help do this.


It is always advised that the audio/visual equipment is set up with plenty of time in hand in advance of a meeting, or at a separate time in advance. This will ensure that all cables and connections are correct and that the operator is familiar and content with how the equipment operates. This will reduce any time pressure and allow time to correct any faults that could occur.


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