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Whitehill Village Hall : Terms and conditions of hire

Whitehill Village Hall is a Charity held in trust for the use of the local community and is managed and maintained by a team of Volunteers.

These Terms and Conditions relate to Whitehill Village Hall and Committee rooms.  The Hall is under the control of the Whitehill Management Committee, referred to as ‘the Committee’ in this document.  Any persons, associates or corporate bodies who hire the Hall shall abide by the following Terms and Conditions of Hire:-


1. The Hirer must be aged over 21 years and must remain on the premises the whole time.

2. In the event of a fire everyone must immediately leave the building and go to the meeting point in the Car Park. Applicable statutory, local regulations and rules for public safety must be strictly observed by hirers.  Fire and safety equipment must not be misused or removed from its designated location.  Fire regulations allow a maximum of 120 people in the Main Hall.  The First Aid Box is located in the kitchen with the Accident Log and Repair Book.

3. A copy of the Policy for is displayed in the Hall entrance lobby for reference. By signing this document you show acceptance of this policy.

4. The Hirer of the Village Hall must conform to the Hall Equal Opportunities policy: a copy is available in the rack in the kitchen.

5. Food on Sale to the general public must be prepared and served according to current food safety legislation. The responsibility for ensuring the safety of all food prepared on the premises is placed on those who are using the premises and not on the Committee. The small sink in the kitchen is designated for hand washing only and should be used for food preparation or washing up. Food must not be left in the Hall or the refrigerator.   A charge will be made for professional cleaning of the ovens and hobs if they are left dirty.

6. Current licencing conditions must be adhered to. The sale of alcohol is only permitted with a licence and it is the sole responsibility of the Hirer to apply to EHDC.  Under 18’s must not be served alcohol at private parties held in the Hall.

7. The Hirer is asked to keep music to reasonable levels and late at night, people should be asked to leave quietly at the end of the hire, in deference to the neighbours living close by.

8. The Hall must be vacated by 11.00 pm. The doors must be locked and windows closed, leaving a secure hall.  Party rubbish must be taken home if not in the bin outside.

9. When the Main Hall and Committee Rooms are hired simultaneously by multiple users, consideration must be given to the other users regarding noise and use of shared facilities such as kitchen, cloakrooms and toilets.

10. Activity Room users should arrive and leave via the side door and SHOULD NOT USE THE FRONT DOORS VIA THE MAIN HALL.

11. The Hirer is responsible for all fixtures, fittings and furniture in the Hall during the period of hire and also for the conduct of all persons admitted to the Hall. 

12. All electrical appliances used must be PAT tested, including DISCO equipment and Bouncy castles. Organisers of these activities must also provide a copy of their Public Liability Insurance. Additional heating appliances or smoke machines may not be used.

13. Equipment malfunction or damage to the Hall or its contents must be reported to the Hall Booking Clerk or Chairman by telephoning the number on the exit door.  Minor problems can be recorded in the small black book located in kitchen rack.

14. A paid cleaner is only in the hall three times a week. The floors should be swept and additional mess cleaned up by the hirer after use. The kitchen must be left tidy and in a hygienic condition. Cleaning equipment is in the old disabled toilet and next to the kitchen.

15. Tables and chairs must be returned clean to the positions in which they were found.

16. Children must not play on the stage.

17. Casual party bookers must pay a deposit when booking the Hall.  The deposit paid by a casual hirer will not be returned until one week after the booking, to allow the Hall and its facilities to be properly checked for damage.

18. Decorations, banners, notices must only be fixed in the hall to the small hooks at the end of the curtain rails, above the double doors or at the top of the 3 small tiled pictures. Damage to the decoration by use of sticky tape or blu-tak on the walls will be charged to the Hirer.

19. The Committee shall not be held responsible for loss or damage to personal property or vehicles in or on the Hall property or repair or cleaning of equipment supplied by the Hirer.

20. Use of the sound system will be by a named person, by agreement with the Trustees and will require a prior deposit. The system will be checked after each use. Damage will be repaired by a specialist company and charged to the Hirer.

21. The times of hire shall be agreed in advance and must not be altered without the prior agreement of the booking clerk. The period of hire shall include any time needed for both setting up and clearing away at the end. Any time run-over will be charged as per the tariff.

22. All hirers will be expected to read the whole of this hiring agreement and must sign as evidence that they agree to the hiring conditions.

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